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Confucius Institute


CI Headquarters/Hanban

The Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban in Beijing coordinates more than 500 CI’s around the world and hundreds of partnership agreements with institutions of higher education in more than 100 countries. It is through CI HQ/Hanban we are able to offer scholarships to students who wish to study in China.  

Chinese Scholarship Council

Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) is a national Chinese institution that awards scholarships to Chinese students striving towards studying outside of China and non-Chinese students who wish to study at a university in China. CI AAU helps both Chinese and non-Chinese students to reach these goals.

The Music Confucius Institute at the Royal Danish Academy of Music

The Music Confucius Institute at the Royal Danish Academy of Music is the first CI in the world to specialize exclusively in promoting and propagating Chinese music in Denmark and elsewhere. 


Viborg Katedralskole

The Confucius Classroom at Viborg Katedralskole was founded in 2014. Dating back almost 1000 years, this is one of the oldest schools in Denmark. For almost ten years, students in Viborg have been able to take Chinese courses, and recently an extensive exchange programme has been initiated. 


Aalborg School Administration & Aalborg Youth School, Aalborg Municipality


The 50 or so primary and middle schools in Aalborg are administered by Aalborg School Administration. Through our collaboration with Aalborg School Administration, we are able to offer Chinese language and culture courses at a number of schools in Aalborg and surrounding areas. Many of these courses are elective afternoon courses, which are administered by the Youth School in Aalborg.

Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University is our Chinese partner university. It was founded in 1902, is one of the leading universities in China and the most prestigious university within the field of education. 

The Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute

The Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute was the first CI to be founded in Denmark. Every year it hosts a large number of events and lectures related to business and China. It also helps to build bridges between Chinese and Danish companies and engages in consultancy work.

Støvring Gymnasium

For more than 10 years Støvring Gymnasium has had collaboration with China and a Chinese partner school in Jiaxing. In 2010 this effort was rewarded with the first Confucius Classroom in Jutland, affiliated to CI in Aalborg. For over a decade, Støvring Gymnasium has maintained close contact to their partner school in Jiaxing, engaging in regular exchanges.

EUC North

EUC North, Hjørring is a technical and business university college in Northern Denmark. For many years, its business programme has had a great focus on China and trade with China. Hence it has a friendship agreement with Hebei Technical College on student and staff exchange. The Confucius Classroom in Hjørring was established in 2014, when the school’s first A level Chinese language class was also established.